We conduct research on graphene and 2D-materials as a viable alternative to conventional photonic, plasmonic and nanophotonic materials.

Basic Science

We envision graphene-based innovative technological applications in long-haul optical communications, inter- and intra-chip optical interconnects, wireless communications, security and surveillance applications, environmental monitoring, energy harvesting, and bio-sensing.

Moreover, the combination of the nano-optical properties and the extraordinary mobility of graphene unveils new physics at the nanoscale and in the quantum regime, and opens new pathways for novel functionalities and applications.

Applied Research

We are developing graphene-based devices that will make a difference in technologies for high speed communication devices, photodetectors for visible and night vision, among others. In close collaboration with ICFO's Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT) team, we are pushing the translation of newly generated knowledge into products and technologies made@ICFO which are developed in collaboration with our industrial allies or through the creation of spin offs.

If you are interested in learning more about the collaborations within Graphene@ICFO, check out the partnerships section.