ICFO is setting a rapid pace in the advancement of Graphene and 2D materials research

In this type of emerging translational nanotechnology, discoveries in academic laboratories are rapidly transferred to applications and commercial products.

Graphene and related materials have the potential to make a profound impact on society as a whole in the short and long term.


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    NewsNovember 27, 2017

    Fast flowing heat in graphene heterostructures

    Nanoscale heat flow plays a crucial role in many modern electronic and optoelectronic applications, such as thermal management, photodetection, thermoelectrics and data communication. Two-dimensional layered materials are beginning to confirm their groundbreaking role in many of these applications. Perhaps even more promising…
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    NewsNovember 15, 2017

    Plasmons in a quantum tunnelling transistor

    The ultimate limit in controlling light and electrons at the nanoscale is the atomic scale. So far, the smallest device that can control electrons at that scale is the quantum tunnelling transistor, of a few atoms big, where quantum mechanics dictates the…
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